2001-11-08: Added a new category - SlidShows.

2001-10-30: Added some new interfaces to the Navigation category.

2001-10-17: Added a new section called In Development. This will showcase scripts that are either in development or even finished and just need the help and download files creating.

: Fading Rollovers have now got their own section - Fading Rollovers

2001-09-18: The script ImageFadeSwap has been added. I have put it in the Navigation section for now. I intend to give it its own category to complement Simple Rollovers and Animated Rollovers.

: Have added a download file for Wavy
in the Page Anim section. Have added Swirling Cursor Trail in the Mouse Trailers section.
2001-08-16: Just an experiment - Wavy

2001-05-24: Created Ghosts Script in the Page Anim category. Have converted Drag&Drop to use JSFX_Layer in Others Category.